Please read: The website is shutting down. At first I planned to completely shut down the website on 28th of February, but by your request I decided to provide this archive of lesson plans, activities and basically all the materials from I am planning to keep this archive online until the end of this school year (till the end of June 2014) to give you some time to download the materials onto your local hard drives. In July 2014 this archive will be irreversibly closed and the site will cease to exist. Thank you again for your support and I wish you all the best in your professional endeavors.

The Archive

On the right you will find zipped lessons, worksheets and other materials that were available for download in the previous fully functional version of The files are organized into categories to make it easier to find the relevant materials. I tried to include every single lesson plan/worksheet in these archives, but I probably missed some of them.
Comprehensive lessons


Other websites

If you are looking for other websites providing esl worksheets, lesson plans and lesson ideas I recommend the following web services. (learning English) (Learn Lesson Plans)

ELT Publishers

The following are the links to the most active and popular ELT publishing companies. They often provide free downloadable worksheets as part of their promotional campaigns.

Cambridge University Press
Express Publishing
Oxford University Press